Creators get Grover & VR Area 42 present

Berlin's first VR art challenge: Off The Wall *
Open call to the artists of Berlin

Immerse yourself - learn the future - create awesome art
WIN a VR setup & many cool prizes

We challenge you to transport your urban art into the future with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Participants: Street artists, Graffiti artists, Illustrators, Tape artists, Painters, Visual Artists,

Performers, Installation artists, Art students, Media students, etc.

with NO ! previous experience in VR art tools

Topic: Off the wall

VR dismantles walls in the minds ... 3D instead of 2D ...

no limits ... multiple realities ... exceptional, outside the box

* off the wall is a little hard to explain, it means something that is so out there, even your mom says holy f*** !

Creativity, openness and imagination are the strong powers that could give VR the status in society that this new technology deserves. Art will play an essential role in that development. The VR art challenge is a collaboration of Grover and VR artist Miguelangelo Rosario for the creation of urban art, to demonstrate the creativity that could be released with this new medium and technology.

It’s an open call to analog artists in Berlin to explore virtual reality creation tools. The 25 participating artists get an experienced tutor to learn and create their art in VR. The art will be transformed into an augmented reality graffiti. This gives the artists the possibility to show their art in a new unseen way as an overlay to reality. A Jury of experts will select 10 finalists for the Awards. The supporters of this challenge joined forces to sponsor some big prizes. Various Computers and Vr setups and much more. The challenge is not only for the artists, it’s a challenge for the sponsors too, to unite brand interest and reward innovation in urban art. The sponsored hardware will enable the artists to create more VR art after the challenge. The art will be shown in an exhibition in VR and AR with printed word clouds. The date for the Award is the 9.11. 2018 in celebration of the fall of the german wall. AR visualizes the VR experience in urban space and allows it to be experienced immersive through mobile devices. The encouragement to copy the word clouds and spread them in Berlin will create a lot of attention for those new technologies.



Before you apply, please READ the FAQs and Rules

What do i have to do, to participate?

1. Send us 3 photos of your best art works, that represent your style

We will get in contact with you for a dialogue, to find out if your art is possible in VR

2. Wait for the email , that confirms you are one of the 25 selected participants

 3. When accepted send a sketch with your interpretation of the topic: Off the wall

This can be a pencil or color sketch. At this point pay the participation fee

What are the steps to win?

1. You get an introduction into the  VR art tools and select your favorite tool.

2. Workshop with a tutor to learn and be able to create your artwork in VR

3. Create your art work in VR with a tutor by your side, add 10 #hashtags 

4. Your art work is transformed into an augmented reality experience

5. Now the judges decide on the 10 finalists. The finalists are eligible
for the Prizes as described >> here

What does it cost and what do i get ?

click here to see participation pack

What can I win?

See a list of Prizes here


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Application Hotline: 015217132157     Application Deadline September 7.2018

Print the flyer and scan it with ARTIVIVE or AUGMENT iOS android

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