Do androids dream of electric sheep ? *

VR  in many parts of our society is still viewed as a " bad gameboy " that could only be used to chase zombies and to watch 360 porn. This biased view on VR had brought down the first little beginnings of VR in the 90ties. Now technology has reached a certain degree of usability and its beginning to spread and hopefully not go away again so soon. VR can open so many new ways of thinking through immersion. 

Spirituality, openness, creativity and imagination are the strong powers that could give VR the status in society that this new technology deserves. Art must play an essential role in that development.  

After successful VR formats like :"Novalis VR Project" and "Automated Pleisure" , now the newest VR production by Miguelangelo Rosario will be launched.

" Do androids dream of electric sheep ? "

Primarily intended for VR novices, this Tilt Brush tutorial Scene in VR explains the handling of headset, controllers, VR menu and tools. A gamelike path with little tasks and puzzles, that are solved with the brushes and tools of Tilt Brush. The participants can commit themselves to this learning path in VR and playfully learn the creative use of this new technology. From the experience of many public VR events, Miguelangelo knows exactly how to build an interesting environment for VR beginners to demonstrate the creativity that could be released with this new medium.

Tilt Brush is a new VR tool that enables everybody to be an artist in VR. With a little intro, even non-artists are able to draw/sculpt anything they imagine into the virtual space around them. Immersed in colors and light, creating things, they will remember VR as a very creative experience.

Join the launch via livestream on LIVEPEER TV on the 6.4.2018 19.00 Berlin Time

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* This is the original title of the book, better known as "Bladerunner"

Get the Tilt Brush file here : Do androids dream of electric sheep ?

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