All the art works will be put together in Styly VR. The judges will see all wall modules in VR and give points in the different categories. 10 finalists will be selected for the awards. All 25 art works are open for the " Peoples Choice Award "


Gris, Jury, Tutor, Grishaus, Graffiti expert, Kingspray crack

Judge for : Kingspray, 2D AR

Alex + Carin Grobe, Jury, VR Bear, VRBLN, VR Experts

Judge for : Overall creativity, awesomeness

PK, Jury,runs audiovisual studio King Deluxe, builds worlds in VR

Judge for : VR ( judging from canada via VRchat and styly )

Ibo Omari, Jury, Legacy BLN, Graffiti & Street art expert

Judge for : Authenticity, awesomeness

Miguelangelo Rosario, Jury, Tutor, VR Area42, VR Artist, AR artist

Judge for : Topic / Wordcloud, effort, awesomeness, tools

Dennis Rudolph, Jury, STATE OF THE ART project place,
Multimedia Artist, AR expert

Judge for : 2D AR, 3D AR, awesomeness

Sara Lisa Vogl, Jury, XRbase, VR Shaman, XR creator, futurist

Judge for : Visionarity, awesomeness

Vladimir Ilic (VRhuman), Jury, Tutor,
VR Developer/Designer/Artist exploring VR and AR

Judge for : Visionarity, use of medium, awesomeness

Evaluation criteria:

Overall creativity - Visionarity - Authenticity - Topic & wordcloud - Awesomeness - Effort - Tilt Brush - Gravity Sketch - Kingspray - Medium - MasterpieceVR - VR - 2D AR - 3D AR

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